What Does Social Responsibility Mean to You?

October 27, 2018

Karma Truckers! Today's question is 'What does social responsibility mean to you?', submitted by Gailen David.  Sasha Talks Terms of Service and Disclaimers Apply. Submit your question for Karma Trucks here.  Thank you!


Life is Beyond Our Human Comprehension

September 9, 2018

Today's question on Karma Trucks was submitted by Jeff, "What is your first and last thought during the day?" and "Are there aspects of life that are beyond our understanding?" Sasha Talks Terms of Service & Disclaimers Apply.  To submit questions for Karma Trucks, click here. Thank you!


Coping with Stress When Things Don’t Go Our Way

March 7, 2018

This week's question is from Kerri from Annapolis, Maryland.  "How do you cope with stress when things don't go your way?" Sasha Talks Disclaimers Apply.  Submit your questions here. Thank you!